Wealth Management 

Wealth Management 

Wealth Management goes beyond basic investment services and is usually customized for the higher net worth client with complex issues. Wealth Management is concerned with:

  1. Not out living your money

  2. Growing your wealth

  3. Making sure your wealth is not unjustifiably taken from you

  4. Risk management

  5. Tax savings

Wealth Management clients’ non-investment issues will be discussed and analyzed through a team process. Our professional network consists of:

  1. Estate Planning Attorneys

  2. CPAs

  3. Insurance Agents

  4. Real Estate Specialists, and others

We respect current professional relationships and believe you should continue to work with the people you are most comfortable with. Every quarter, we will tackle one wealth management issue; that is, taxes, estate planning, etc.

Wealth Management clients will receive:

  1. Account internet access

  2. Monthly statements from TD Ameritrade

  3. Quarterly, easy to read performance reports

  4. Our quarterly newsletter

  5. Economic update reports and a few other fun pieces of literature.